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The company's early development started back in 2011, however not until 2016, the company is known formally as PT. Easton Urban Kapital. Easton initially focused their development projects on boutique commercial complexes, such as shop houses and home offices. In 2017, the company started developing residential projects in Palembang and South Tangerang, with both townhouse projects receiving a warm welcome from the market, prompting Easton to delve deeper into the residential development projects.


To be an idealist property development company that focuses on enhancing quality of life of users, promoting long term sustainability, and driving financial performances.
To leverage company growth, EUK collects and manages funds from investors to deliver projects that go according to EUK’s core development principles.



EUK’s mission is to develop projects with good aesthetics and provide comfort to users in the form of well-thought architectural design.

Business-wise, EUK offers affordable property that can benefit a wide range of people, not limited to only the upper class of the society.

EUK prioritizes consistency in the planning and implementation of every project, each and every step of the development procedure is analyzed and executed carefully, believing that with a strong foundation, EUK will continue to grow exponentially.

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